Monday, August 3, 2009

Check out Mary Kay's NEW Products!

Need a lift? NEW TimeWise® Replenishing Serum+C has benefits† that can help. This antioxidant-rich serum is formulated with ingredients that enhance the production of new collagen and help keep existing collagen from breaking down. It also contains ingredients known to support elastin, a protein that gives skin its elasticity or "spring." Skin will appear lifted and firmed, and its resilience will be visibly improved. Youthful contours will appear more defined. The overall effect? Positively uplifting. $55

The NEW TimeWise® Trial Miracle Set, now with contemporary pink and black packaging, provides 11 age-fighting benefits in just four amazing products. Working together, these products provide a power-packed punch of clinical results.

Each set includes TimeWise® 3-In-1 Cleanser (2 oz. tube), TimeWise® Age-Fighting Moisturizer (0.75 fl. oz. tube), TimeWise® Day Solution Sunscreen SPF 25* (0.5 fl. oz. bottle with pump), TimeWise® Night Solution (0.5 fl. oz. bottle with pump) and bag. $44

The NEW Mary Kay® Eau de Toilette Shower Gel and Eau de Toilette Sugar Scrub make cleansing the body an invigorating and fragrant experience. Both give women great new ways to layer their fragrance and extend the wear of the scent they love. Choose from Simply Cotton™, Warm Amber™, Exotic Passionfruit™ and Sparkling Honeysuckle™ and build a wardrobe of scented accessories.

The shower gel cleanses and softens skin and also can be used for shaving. $15

The sugar scrub gently exfoliates skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth and moisturized with a radiant appearance. $15

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  1. I got your samples, thanks! If you still want me to host a giveaway for you, let me know :)