Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Mary Kay Debut Party

So I had my Mary Kay Debut party yesterday. I had it at my church and invited several ladies. I had nine women that came and spent a couple of hours with me. They played in some of the products and we had a great time. We tested out the skin care line which is awesome. We tested it on the backs of our hands and then compared it to the other hand. The difference was amazing!

Ladies, if you dont have a good skin care regiment I strongly suggest you try Mary Kay. As bad as I hate to admit this I use to sleep in my make up but I never had problems until recently. I started using the Mary Kay Miracle Set and my skin is doing wonders. It is so soft and never dry anymore. Since I have eczema my skin tends to be on the dry side but since I have started using the Miracle Set I have not had any dry skin. It's a Miracle!

Now for the other Miracle! I sold $985.00 worth of products in two hours. The best part...I get half of that. Anyone know what half of that is....anyone? Well its $492.50. I made $492.50 in two hours!! That is almost $250 an hour! This is the kind of job I want. I had a great time with a bunch of wonderful ladies and I made money while having fun!

If anyone is interested in the products or a job opportunity please email me at or see my website at

Here are a few pics from the product table.


  1. Congrats on your party! Your new blog looks great =)

  2. What a beautiful blog and what a great success you've had with making 250 an hour!!!!! Keep up the fantastic work, girlfriend! I am so happy for you! :)

  3. Congratulations...keep it up!

  4. Wow! Now that is big bucks! Congrats on a successful gig! Cheers!


  5. Wow! Great Job! Hope you have many more successful parties!
    I have VERY sensitive skin. I am very acne prone! Do you have any good summer foundations that will stay put in this Alabama humidity that won't break my face out??

  6. I am going to mention this site on my blog!

  7. You go girl..I am a new consultant. My debut is in 2 weeks. Wish me luck.