Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Start Your Business Today!

Have you ever wanted to start a business with Mary Kay? Here is your chance...during the whole month of October you can start your business for $50! That is half off! What a way to start! More Details below:

Just $50 (plus shipping and, handling and tax) gets you on your way to earning extra income selling products women love! Start your Mary Kay business in October and receive:

  • The Opportunity Kit--filled with easy-to-use product samplers and business tools to help you show and sell right away!
  • Free Mary Kay Personal Web Site for six months--the most immediate way to help your customers start shopping 24/7!
  • Limited-time offers such as:
-FREE catalogs to sent to your customers
-FREE business cards
-A FREE business announcement email

The Opportunity Kit Contents
  • Travel-size TimeWise Microdermabrasion Set (pack of 5) which includes TimeWise Miracle Set samples as well
  • Color Cards (7 packs of 5 cards)
  • Disposable Sponge Tip Applicators (2 packs of 15)
  • Shade Selector Tool
  • Mary Kay Sheer Mineral Pressed Powder Samplers (3 packs of 6)
  • Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara (black)
  • Disposable Mascara Brushes (2 pks of 15)
  • Satin Hands Pampering Set Samplers (12 sets)
Business Tools and Literature:
  • Ready, Set, Sell! Inventory Options for New Consultants Brochure
  • MKConnections FREE Business Card Offer Flier
  • Education Material-Starting Points CD; Consultants Guide
  • Flip Chart
  • 10 Beauty Books
  • 25 Sales Tickets
  • 50 Customer Profile Cards
  • 10 The Look Books
  • On the Go Tote
***Inventory is not required to begin a Mary Kay business. Available to a new Independent Beauty Consultant whose agreement is submitted and accepted by October 31st.

If you have any questions about joining Mary Kay please let me know. I would love to help you start your career of a life time! Besides...its only $50 to join...what do you have to lose? Look what all you get just for joining!

You can contact me via email at I hope to hear from you soon!

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