Thursday, October 22, 2009

Top Ten Thursday

Top Ten Thursday Button

Sara at Domestically Challenged is doing her Top Ten Thursday on Things that you do that drives the hubby, I cant limit them to ten but I will try:)

  1. Making the bed-its just not me to make the bed...personally I find it most comfy if its not made up but he says thats just an excuse!
  2. Very forgetful-I have a tendency to do laundry and forget to put them in the dryer so sometimes they stay in the washer wet longer than they should and then I have to wash again!
  3. My car is never clean-anytime he gets in I have to clear a place for him to sit! It looks like I literally live in my car!
  4. I am very impatient-I think that when I call he should answer...and if he doesnt I call right back lol!
  5. I am not a morning person-maybe another reason I dont like to make the bed!
  6. My driving-if there is something in the road that can get in my tire, it will! I had to get 5 nails removed from my tire in a matter of 3 months!
  7. That I am so like my father-very over protective of my daughter...I just dont want her to get hurt. She is my first so I am a little uptight!
  8. Unorganized-I am organized in my own little way. I know where everything is if you would only ask!
  9. My love for Starbucks-he doesnt understand why I will pay a fortune for 1 cup of coffee!
  10. Big procrastinator-I always put things off till the last minute and it drives him crazy lol!
But thank God he over looks that!


  1. I don't see the point in making the bed because I am just going to get back into it later!

  2. Everyone of these I read makes me so happy! I feel so connected to you all, because wehave so much in common! I am the SaMe way about the bed, and the driving and my organization! Sweet! Oh, and I forgot the other thing I was going to say...!

  3. I am with you on 4, 5, 7, and 10!

  4. I thought things like #6 only happened to me. I am notorious for ruining a set of tires, lol. I have had my car for about 15 months and in that time I have had to purchase 3 tires and have 2 fixed.

  5. 5 nails !!! maybe you have something magnetic in u that was never disclosed...

    you should check on that. :)