Friday, June 12, 2009

The Mommy Confessions

This is a weekly series called The Mommy Confessions. As moms, many of us have things that we would like to get off our chests or that we would just like to confess. So here is the place to do it! At the end of this post link up YOUR mommy confession of the week.

Victoria over at Life Starring Ellie and Eve has started this meme called The Mommy Confessions. Once you read here, pop over to her page and link up with Mr. Linky(if he's in the mood).

So as for my confession of the week. I didnt feel like bathing my daugther because it was so late one night this week that I let her put her PJ's on and go on to bed. I was so tired from VBS this week and working my normal full time job that I was pooped. She wasnt that dirty and she didnt smell so I sent her own to bed. Not to mention that she was so happy because she didnt have to wash her hair...which did need it. But I was tired...

So that is my confession what is yours??


  1. Mine's usually thrilled when he gets to skip a bath, lol. I don't blame you at all. Some nights all you want is for bedtime to come.

  2. We have been there too.

  3. Yes, there are time when I deem that baths can wait a day, lol. A little dirt never hurts, right.;)

  4. Only one night of not washing? That's makes you a hero in my book...there are times when my girls got for longer because I can't muster the engery or drive to deal with two toddlers making a giant mess.

  5. one day won't hurt anyone!
    Now when you start wondering what that smell is....then you know it's time for a bath!

  6. AnonymousJune 15, 2009

    Let me tell you girl, ther are worse things we could do! Thats so nothing! Mommy needs rest too!